Adani Group Establishes World’s Largest Renewable Energy Park in Gujarat’s Khavda Region

Adani Group Establishes World’s Largest Renewable Energy Park in Gujarat’s Khavda Region

Gautam Adani’s conglomerate has established the world’s largest renewable energy park in Gujarat’s Khavda region, bordering Pakistan, with an impressive 45 GW capacity primarily fueled by solar energy.

Discovery and Development

  • Initial Exploration: Adani became interested in the Khavda region in December 2022, despite its lack of infrastructure and basic amenities.
  • Ideal Conditions: The area, although initially barren, possessed favorable conditions for renewable energy production, with abundant sunlight and strong wind speeds.
  • Transformation: Adani’s group undertook the task of transforming the landscape by deploying solar panels, erecting windmills, establishing worker colonies, and constructing desalination plants.

Expansion Plans

  • Investment: Adani Green Energy Ltd plans to invest approximately Rs 1.5 lakh crore to generate 30 megawatts of clean electricity at Khavda.
  • Capacity Expansion: The company recently commissioned 2 GW of capacity and aims to add 4 GW in the current fiscal year, followed by 5 GW annually thereafter.

Logistics and Infrastructure

  • Airstrip Utilization: The airstrip, located 18 kilometers from the energy park, is utilized to transport executives, with the final leg of the journey relying on visual aids and navigation systems.
  • Border Proximity: The energy park lies just one km from the international border with Pakistan, with the buffer zone manned by the Border Security Force (BSF).

Challenges and Accommodations

  • Construction Challenges: Despite challenges such as heavy dust storms and poor water absorption, the airstrip was constructed in 35 days.
  • Development: Accommodations are being developed to house 8,000 workers, reflecting Adani Group’s ambitious renewable energy goals.

Adani’s Renewable Energy Goals

  • Ambitious Targets: Adani Group aims to generate 500 GW of electricity from non-fossil sources by 2030 as part of a broader initiative to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the primary source of fuel for the renewable energy park in Gujarat’s Khavda region?
    • A) Wind energy
    • B) Solar energy
    • C) Hydroelectric power
    • D) Biomass
    Answer: B) Solar energy
  2. How much investment does Adani Green Energy Ltd plan to make in generating clean electricity at Khavda?
    • A) Rs 1 lakh crore
    • B) Rs 2 lakh crore
    • C) Rs 1.5 lakh crore
    • D) Rs 3 lakh crore
    Answer: C) Rs 1.5 lakh crore
  3. What is the capacity of the renewable energy park recently commissioned at Khavda?
    • A) 1 GW
    • B) 3 GW
    • C) 2 GW
    • D) 5 GW
    Answer: C) 2 GW
  4. How far is the airstrip from the energy park in Khavda?
    • A) 10 kilometers
    • B) 50 kilometers
    • C) 18 kilometers
    • D) 100 kilometers
    Answer: C) 18 kilometers