Alleged Acid Splash Incident Leaves Class 9 Student’s Vision Impaired in Government School

Alleged Acid Splash Incident Leaves Class 9 Student’s Vision Impaired in Government School

Parents of a Class 9 girl studying in a government higher secondary school in Chatram Kudiyiruppu allege that their daughter’s vision has been affected due to acid splashing on her eyes while she was attending class in the school’s laboratory. They submitted a petition to Collector K P Karthikeyan regarding this matter on Monday.

Parents’ Testimony

Balamurugan and Shamugasundari, the parents of the affected girl, stated that their child is undergoing treatment at a private eye hospital. They mentioned the lack of classrooms in the government school, leading to the conversion of the laboratory into a classroom. The incident occurred when acid bottles fell on the ground during her time in the laboratory, causing the acid to splash on her eyes and impair her vision. They expressed dissatisfaction with the school administration’s response, citing a lack of action against those responsible. Additionally, they demanded compensation for their child and the provision of additional classrooms.

Response from Authorities

Collector Karthikeyan instructed school education officials to investigate the matter on Monday. However, Chief Educational Officer G Muthusamy stated on Tuesday that his administration is yet to check on the affected girl.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where did the alleged incident of acid splashing occur?
    • a) Classroom
    • b) Laboratory
    • c) Playground
    • d) Library
    • Answer: b) Laboratory
  2. Which government official did the parents submit their petition to?
    • a) Chief Educational Officer
    • b) School Principal
    • c) Collector
    • d) District Education Officer
    • Answer: c) Collector
  3. What demand did the parents make regarding the school administration?
    • a) Increased security measures
    • b) Compensation and additional classrooms
    • c) Staff training workshops
    • d) Removal of the school principal
    • Answer: b) Compensation and additional classrooms
  4. What action did the Collector instruct the school education officials to take?
    • a) Expel the student responsible
    • b) Conduct a vision test for all students
    • c) Investigate the incident
    • d) Provide medical assistance to the affected student
    • Answer: c) Investigate the incident