Ancient Badami Chalukya Temples and Inscription Unearthed in Mudimanikyam Village

Ancient Badami Chalukya Temples and Inscription Unearthed in Mudimanikyam Village

Discovery Overview:

  • Location: Mudimanikyam village, Nalgonda district, along the banks of Krishna river.
  • Discoveries:
    • Two Badami Chalukya temples.
    • 1,200-year-old label inscription.
  • Dates:
    • Temples: Between 543 AD and 750 AD.
    • Inscription: 8th or 9th century AD.

Architectural Significance:

  • Style: Kadamba Nagara style in the Rekha Nagara format.
  • Uniqueness: Singular example of such architecture in Telangana.
  • Restoration Potential: Can serve as important testimonies to the Badami Chalukya period with minimal restoration.

Dr. MA Srinivasan’s Perspective:

  • Position: General Secretary of PRIHAH.
  • Significance: Highlights the rarity and historical value of the temples.
  • Comparison: Mentions few surviving Badami Chalukya temples at Alampur.

Dr. Munirathnam Reddy’s Observations:

  • Position: Director of epigraphy at the Archaeological Survey of India.
  • Interpretation: Suggests potential meaning of the label inscription.
  • Attribution: Associates the Panchakuta temples with the late Badami Chalukya period.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where were the ancient temples and inscription recently discovered?
    • A) Hampi
    • B) Mudimanikyam village
    • C) Alampur
    • D) Badami
    Answer: B) Mudimanikyam village
  2. What is the architectural style of the discovered temples?
    • A) Dravidian style
    • B) Kadamba Nagara style
    • C) Vesara style
    • D) Pallava style
    Answer: B) Kadamba Nagara style
  3. Who suggested the potential meaning of the label inscription?
    • A) Dr. MA Srinivasan
    • B) S Ashok Kumar
    • C) Dr. Munirathnam Reddy
    • D) Archaeological Survey of India
    Answer: C) Dr. Munirathnam Reddy
  4. Which period do the temples and inscription belong to?
    • A) Gupta Empire
    • B) Maurya Dynasty
    • C) Badami Chalukya period
    • D) Rashtrakuta Empire
    Answer: C) Badami Chalukya period