Dalma Sanctuary Introduces Exciting Canopy Walk Experience

Dalma Sanctuary Introduces Exciting Canopy Walk Experience

The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is set to introduce a new canopy walk facility by mid-February. The facility, located at the Nature Information Center (NIC) in Makulakocha, is designed to offer a unique experience for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts.

Canopy Walk Structure and Features

The canopy walk is a 100-meter-long structure elevated to a height of 25 feet. It is designed in a convoluted form, featuring two base points and two exit points in between. The project has been implemented under the supervision of Abhishek Kumar, the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, at a cost of Rs 32 lakh.

Benefits for Nature Lovers and Bird Enthusiasts

The canopy walk aims to cater to nature lovers, especially those interested in studying bird species. Bird watchers will have the opportunity to spend extended periods capturing close-up pictures of birds and recording their behavioral patterns using cameras, as mentioned by DFO Abhishek Kumar.

Safety Measures for All Age Groups

To ensure the safety of visitors, the canopy walk will adhere to necessary safety measures. The facility is designed to accommodate people of all age groups, allowing them to enjoy walking on the bridge-like structures without compromising safety.

Initiative and Visitor Feedback

The decision to establish the canopy walk facility was initiated by the sanctuary based on feedback from visitors, particularly eco-tourists staying overnight at the sanctuary guest house. According to Kumar, the idea gained popularity among visitors, leading to the implementation of the project.

Economic Opportunities for Local Youths

The introduction of the canopy walk is expected to create employment opportunities for unemployed youths residing in villages near the foothills of the sanctuary. The facility’s inauguration will contribute to the economic well-being of the local community.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What is the height of the canopy walk at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary?
    • A. 50 meters
    • B. 25 feet
    • C. 100 feet
    • D. 75 meters
    Answer: B. 25 feet
  2. How many base points and exit points does the canopy walk feature?
    • A. 1 base point, 1 exit point
    • B. 2 base points, 2 exit points
    • C. 3 base points, 3 exit points
    • D. 4 base points, 4 exit points
    Answer: B. 2 base points, 2 exit points
  3. What is the estimated cost of building the canopy walk facility?
    • A. Rs 25 lakh
    • B. Rs 50 lakh
    • C. Rs 32 lakh
    • D. Rs 20 lakh
    Answer: C. Rs 32 lakh
  4. Who is the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) overseeing the project at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary?
    • A. Abhishek Kumar
    • B. Nature Information Center
    • C. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
    • D. Makulakocha
    Answer: A. Abhishek Kumar
  5. What is one of the main purposes of the canopy walk for bird enthusiasts?
    • A. Observing aquatic life
    • B. Studying plant species
    • C. Capturing pictures of birds
    • D. Identifying mammal behavior
    Answer: C. Capturing pictures of birds
  6. Why was the initiative to set up the canopy walk taken by the sanctuary?
    • A. Government mandate
    • B. Visitor suggestions
    • C. Wildlife conservation project
    • D. Economic development plan
    Answer: B. Visitor suggestions
  7. What economic benefit is expected for the local community with the canopy walk facility?
    • A. Increased tourism revenue
    • B. Agricultural development
    • C. Environmental conservation
    • D. Educational programs
    Answer: A. Increased tourism revenue