Discovery of a New Frog Species in Bengaluru’s Urban Landscape

Discovery of a New Frog Species in Bengaluru’s Urban Landscape

Researchers from various national and international organizations have made a groundbreaking discovery of a previously unknown frog species thriving amidst the urban landscape of Bengaluru. This finding is considered a significant milestone in biodiversity research, shedding light on the resilience of wildlife in unexpected urban ecosystems.

Species Identification: Sphaerotheca varshaabhu

The newly discovered amphibian has been named Sphaerotheca varshaabhu due to its distinctive behavior of emerging from burrows during early showers. This species exhibits unique characteristics that differentiate it from known frog species, challenging existing preconceptions about the locations where new species can be found.

Lead Researcher and Publication

The lead researcher, Deepak P., highlighted the remarkable nature of this discovery, emphasizing that such a unique frog has been living in the heart of Bengaluru city. The findings have been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Zootaxa.

Previous Discovery: Sphaerotheca Bengaluru

It’s noteworthy that in 2020, a new species of burrowing frog named Sphaerotheca Bengaluru was described in the vicinity where the current species has been found.

Research Methodology

The discovery was made during a routine biodiversity survey conducted within Bengaluru’s urban environment. The research team employed advanced genetic analysis, morphological studies, and bioacoustics to confirm the distinctiveness of the newly-discovered amphibian.

Adaptation to Urban Surroundings

According to the researchers, Sphaerotheca varshaabhu has adapted to its urban surroundings, displaying behaviors and physical attributes that enable it to navigate the challenges posed by urbanization. This highlights the importance of continued exploration of urban ecosystems and the need for biodiversity preservation in areas heavily impacted by human activities.

Insights and Collaborations

The researchers acknowledge the role of urban and peri-urban green locales in supporting biodiversity. The collaboration between various institutions, including Mount Carmel College, Autonomous; Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Western Regional Centre; JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University); Institute of Systematics, Evolution, Biodiversity (ISYEB), and others, played a crucial role in this discovery.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

  1. What is the name of the newly discovered frog species in Bengaluru?
    a. Sphaerotheca Bengaluru
    b. Sphaerotheca varshaabhu
    c. Bengaluru Amphibian
    d. Urban Frog
    Answer: b. Sphaerotheca varshaabhu
  2. Who is the lead researcher of the study on the new frog species?
    a. Deepak P.
    b. Chetan Nag K.S.
    c. Mount Carmel College
    d. Zootaxa
    Answer: a. Deepak P.
  3. What scientific journal published the findings of the research?
    a. Nature
    b. Zootaxa
    c. Science
    d. Biodiversity Journal
    Answer: b. Zootaxa
  4. When was the previous frog species, Sphaerotheca Bengaluru, discovered?
    a. 2018
    b. 2020
    c. 2015
    d. 2010
    Answer: b. 2020
  5. What research methodologies were used to confirm the distinctiveness of the new frog species?
    a. Morphological studies
    b. Genetic analysis
    c. Bioacoustics
    d. All of the above
    Answer: d. All of the above