Expansion and Development Plans Unveiled for Bor Tiger Reserve

Expansion and Development Plans Unveiled for Bor Tiger Reserve

Bor Tiger Reserve (BTR) seeks funding for infrastructure development to commence wildlife safaris in newly added forest ranges. Significant expansion occurred in July 2023, incorporating Bangdapur, Hingni, and Kawdas ranges, expanding BTR from its original area of 138 sq km.

Funding Request and Purpose

  • BTR aims to secure Rs1 crore for the fiscal year 2024-25 from various sources including the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) and Wardha District Planning and Development Council (DPDC).
  • The allocated funds will be utilized for road development, signage installation, establishment of entry gates, tourist facilities, ticket counters, souvenir shops, and other necessary infrastructure.

Tourism Initiatives

  • Identified 35km routes for wildlife safaris in Bangdapur and Hingni ranges.
  • Expected allowance of approximately 30 vehicles from each gate.
  • Presently, wildlife tourism operates from Bordharan and Adegaon gates.
  • Post-monsoon tourism from October 1, 2023, witnessed nearly 3,000 tourists, generating revenue exceeding Rs18 lakh.

Economic Impact and Local Employment

  • Eco-tourism initiatives in Bangdapur and Hingni expected to provide direct and indirect employment opportunities for locals in the surrounding areas.

Further Funding and Development Plans

  • Funds also sought from Nagpur DPDC for development in the Kawdas range.
  • Proposal includes establishment of a nature interpretation center to educate visitors about the rich biodiversity of Bor.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

  • Emphasis on green norms for resorts, mandating 50% renewable energy use.
  • Urgent removal of encroachments obstructing wildlife corridors, with strict actions against encroachers.
  • Proposal for a complete ban on plastic usage and development of a comprehensive tourism plan for Umred-Karhandla-Paoni Wildlife Sanctuary (UKPWS) and Bor.

Tourism Statistics and Revenue Generation

  • In the previous tourism season, Umred-Karhandla received 47,000 visitors, generating revenue of Rs1.17 crore.

Wildlife Conservation Initiatives Outside Bor Tiger Reserve

  • Telangana State Wildlife Board’s approval for establishment of Kawal tiger corridor conservation zone and bison sanctuary in Kothagudem.
  • Compensation for wildlife attack deaths increased to Rs10 lakh.
  • Enhancement of cellphone connectivity in remote areas with T-Fiber connectivity.
  • Approval for a conservation reserve linking Kawal Tiger Reserve and Tadoba Tiger Reserve to facilitate the free movement of tigers.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Which tiger reserve sought Rs1 crore for infrastructure development to commence wildlife safaris?
    a) Ranthambore Tiger Reserve
    b) Bor Tiger Reserve
    c) Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve
    d) Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
    Answer: b) Bor Tiger Reserve
  2. How many new forest ranges were added to Bor Tiger Reserve in July 2023?
    a) One
    b) Two
    c) Three
    d) Four
    Answer: c) Three
  3. How many kilometers of routes have been identified for wildlife safaris in Bangdapur and Hingni ranges?
    a) 20km
    b) 35km
    c) 50km
    d) 70km
    Answer: b) 35km
  4. What was the revenue generated by Bor Tiger Reserve from nearly 3,000 tourists post-monsoon in October 2023?
    a) Rs1 lakh
    b) Rs5 lakh
    c) Rs10 lakh
    d) Over Rs18 lakh
    Answer: d) Over Rs18 lakh
  5. Which initiative emphasized the use of 50% renewable energy for resorts?
    a) Eco-tourism initiative
    b) Wildlife Conservation Initiative
    c) Sustainable Development Initiative
    d) Nature Interpretation Initiative
    Answer: a) Eco-tourism initiative