Experience the Spectacular Buck Supermoon in July 2023

Experience the Spectacular Buck Supermoon in July 2023
Experience the Spectacular Buck Supermoon in July 2023

The Buck Supermoon in July 2023, also referred to as the Buck Moon, is an extraordinary celestial phenomenon that will illuminate the night sky. This remarkable lunar event, known by various names such as the Thunder Moon, Berry Moon, Salmon Moon, Feather Moulting Moon, and Raspberry Moon, gets its name from the remarkable growth of male deer’s antlers during this period. Moreover, being a supermoon, the Buck Moon will be slightly closer to Earth, resulting in a larger and brighter appearance. Its peak illumination will occur at 7:39 AM Eastern Time on Monday, July 3, and it will grace the night sky from July 2 to July 4.

To catch a glimpse of this awe-inspiring spectacle, finding a location with an unobstructed view of the horizon is recommended. Consider bringing binoculars or a telescope for a more detailed observation. The Buck Supermoon promises to be a sight to remember, providing a wonderful opportunity for stargazing and appreciating the beauty of the celestial realm. As the first of four supermoons in 2023, it holds a special place in the astronomical calendar. Don’t miss the chance to witness this extraordinary event; it will be an experience that lingers in your memory forever.

In 2023, the lunar calendar presents an exceptional year with 13 full moons, surpassing the typical count of 12. August will feature two supermoons, including a blue moon—the closest moon to Earth for the year—according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. The fourth and final supermoon of 2023 will grace the sky on September 29. Additionally, mark your calendars for the upcoming lunar events:

  • August 1: Sturgeon moon
  • August 30: Blue moon
  • September 29: Harvest moon
  • October 28: Hunter’s moon
  • November 27: Beaver moon
  • December 26: Cold moon