Fatal Encounters with Tigers Spike Near Corbett Tiger Reserve: Concerns Rise Over Rising Human-Wildlife Conflict

Fatal Encounters with Tigers Spike Near Corbett Tiger Reserve: Concerns Rise Over Rising Human-Wildlife Conflict

In the past two months, five people have been killed near Uttarakhand’s Corbett Tiger Reserve, emphasizing the rising fatal encounters with big cats due to their high density in the region.

Recent Incidents

  1. December Attacks
    • Three women were killed near Bhimtal in early December following attacks by a tigress.
    • Aberrant behavior was observed in a two-year-old tigress, prompting her capture and relocation to a rescue center.
  2. Recent Deaths
    • A woman was killed near Chukam village on Sunday while outside a solar-fenced area to relieve herself.
    • Another man was suspected to be attacked by the same tiger on Monday, with his body found 4 km inside the forest.

Tiger Population Challenge

  1. Highest Tiger Population
    • The Corbett Tiger Reserve has the highest tiger population in the country, totaling 319 tigers.
  2. Habitat Management Challenge
    • The high tiger density poses a challenge for habitat management in the 512 sq km reserve.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

  1. Constant Challenge
    • Human-wildlife conflict is a persistent challenge, not only due to increasing tiger numbers but also because some tigers are recolonizing older habitats.
  2. Chance Encounters
    • Cases like the recent attacks are considered chance encounters with tigers.

National Tiger Population

  1. Population Increase
    • India’s tiger population increased by 6.74% to 3,167 in 2022, with the Corbett Tiger Reserve having the largest population.
  2. Other Reserves
    • Reserves like Bandipur, Nagarahole, Mudumalai, Bandhavgarh, and Dudhwa also harbor significant tiger populations.

Concerns About Wildlife Corridors

  1. Loss of Corridors
    • The All India Tiger Estimation report highlighted concerns about the loss of wildlife corridors around the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  2. Contiguous Population
    • The contiguous tiger population in the Western Terai Arc landscape, including Corbett, Bardia National Park, and Shuklaphanta National Park, constitutes one of the largest tiger populations globally.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What is the reason behind the increasing fatal encounters near Corbett Tiger Reserve?
    • a) Decreasing tiger population
    • b) High density of tigers
    • c) Loss of habitat corridors
    • d) Habitat mismanagement
    • Answer: b) High density of tigers
  2. How many tigers were recorded in the Corbett Tiger Reserve according to the latest census?
    • a) 200
    • b) 250
    • c) 319
    • d) 400
    • Answer: c) 319
  3. What prompted the capture of the two-year-old tigress involved in the December attacks?
    • a) Normal behavior
    • b) Aberrant behavior
    • c) Age factor
    • d) Lack of habitat
    • Answer: b) Aberrant behavior
  4. What is the major challenge posed by the high tiger population in the Corbett Tiger Reserve?
    • a) Lack of food sources
    • b) Habitat destruction
    • c) Challenges in habitat management
    • d) Decreasing biodiversity
    • Answer: c) Challenges in habitat management
  5. Which tiger reserve emerged with the largest tiger population in the latest census?
    • a) Bandipur
    • b) Mudumalai
    • c) Nagarahole
    • d) Corbett Tiger Reserve
    • Answer: d) Corbett Tiger Reserve