GAIL Inaugurates Green Hydrogen Plant in Madhya Pradesh

GAIL Inaugurates Green Hydrogen Plant in Madhya Pradesh

The Green Hydrogen Plant in Madhya Pradesh’s Vijaipur, inaugurated by GAIL (India) Ltd., is a significant step towards sustainable energy production. This structured overview delves into the capacity, operational details, and future plans of the plant, along with insights into GAIL’s financial performance and stakeholder information.

Green Hydrogen Production

  • Capacity: The plant has a capacity of producing 4.3 Tonnes Per Day (TPD) of Hydrogen.
  • Technology: Hydrogen is produced through electrolysis of water using electrolyzer units.
  • Purity and Pressure: The produced Hydrogen boasts a purity of 99.99% and is generated at a pressure of 30 Kg per square centimeter.

Utilization and Distribution

  • Initial Phase: The produced Hydrogen will be utilized as fuel, alongside natural gas, for captive purposes within GAIL’s Vijaipur plant.
  • Future Plans: Post-initial phase, GAIL plans to distribute Hydrogen to retail customers in nearby areas through high-pressure cascades.

Supporting Infrastructure

  • Solar Power Plants: GAIL is setting up 20 MW solar power plants at Vijaipur to provide green power for electrolysis.
  • Renewable Power Sourcing: The company intends to source renewable power through open access to support its operations.

Financial Performance and Stakeholders

  • Revenue and Profit: In the March quarter, GAIL reported a 5.6% drop in revenue to ₹32,317 crore, with net profit falling over 23% due to various factors including lower revenue and weaker gas marketing segment performance.
  • Ownership Structure: As of the end of the March quarter, the government owns a majority stake (51.9%) in GAIL. Indian Oil Corporation and ONGC hold stakes of 2.5% and 5% respectively. Additionally, around 11.97 lakh shareholders with share capital up to ₹2 lakh have a stake in GAIL.
  • Stock Performance: GAIL’s stock ended nearly 2% higher at ₹204.2 on Friday. It has shown a 23% increase in 2024 and a significant 92% rise in the last 12 months.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is the capacity of the Green Hydrogen Plant inaugurated by GAIL in Madhya Pradesh?
    • A) 4.3 Megawatts (MW)
    • B) 10 Tonnes Per Day (TPD)
    • C) 4.3 Tonnes Per Day (TPD)
    • D) 20 Megawatts (MW)
    • Answer: C) 4.3 Tonnes Per Day (TPD)
  2. How is Hydrogen produced in the Green Hydrogen Plant?
    • A) Combustion of natural gas
    • B) Electrolysis of water
    • C) Compression of air
    • D) Oxidation of hydrogen sulfide
    • Answer: B) Electrolysis of water
  3. What is the purity of the Hydrogen produced in the plant?
    • A) 95.5%
    • B) 99.99%
    • C) 98.2%
    • D) 100%
    • Answer: B) 99.99%
  4. What is the primary purpose of utilizing the Hydrogen produced in the initial phase?
    • A) Export to other states
    • B) Fuel alongside natural gas for captive purposes
    • C) Store for future use
    • D) Generate electricity
    • Answer: B) Fuel alongside natural gas for captive purposes