India becomes the world’s third strongest air force in the Global Air Powers Ranking 2022

According to the Global Air Powers Ranking of 2022 by the World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft (WDMMA), the Indian Air Force has emerged as the third strongest Air Force in the world after USA and Russia. The Indian Air Force has overtaken the Chinese Air Force, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, the Israeli Air Force, and the French Air and Space Force in terms of strength.

Indian Air Force

The highest attainable TvR score is 242.9 held by the United States Air Force (USAF) followed by Russia, whose TvR score stands at 114.2, followed by the Indian Air Force with a TvR score of 69.4.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force (IAF) now has 1,645 active aircraft in its inventory.

Presently, the WDMMA tracks 98 countries, covering 124 air services and following a total of 47,840 aircraft. It assesses modern military aviation services around the world based on a variety of parameters and gives a complete report summarising their current strengths and inherent limitations. It gives users a visual, distinctive, and analytical look into a major feature of modern warfare and control of the skies through an in-depth resource.