India’s Ordnance Factories Day 2023: 18th March

India’s Ordnance Factories Day 2023: 18th March

Ordnance Factory Day 2023: In India, Ordnance Factory Day is celebrated annually on March 18th, marking the establishment of the first Ordnance factory by the British in Cossipore, Kolkata, in 1801 during colonial rule. The Ministry of Defence celebrates this day by raising the Indian flag, singing the national anthem, and showcasing various artillery and…

Bangladesh will receive electricity from power plant in Jharkhand

Bangladesh will start receiving electricity from the Godda power plant in Jharkhand from the first week of March, says state minister for power Nasrul Hamid. Talking to media in Dhaka on Sunday, Nasrul Hamid said 750 megawatt power will come from the first unit of Adani power plant in Godda in March. Another 750 megawatt…

PM inaugurates India Energy Week 2023 in Bengaluru

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 6th February showcased India’s phenomenal projected growth in energy demand, stable and decisive leadership, and sustained reforms to invite global investors in the country’s oil and gas exploration and new energy, including green hydrogen. Modi in his inaugural address at India Energy Week-2023 said India is the most opportune place…

Indian music composer, Ricky Kej wins third Grammy for ‘Divine Tides’

Music composer Ricky Kej, based out of Bengaluru, has won his third Grammy Award for the album ‘Divine Tides’ and dedicated the honour to his home country, India. The U.S.-born musician shared the award with Stewart Copeland, the drummer of the iconic British rock band The Police, who collaborated with Kej on the album. At…

World Coconut Day 2022

September 2 is observed as World Coconut Day.  This year’s theme for “World Coconut Day” is “Growing coconut for a better future and life”.

This day highlights the significance of coconuts in our daily lives and how beneficial are they for health. Coconuts are some of the most popular and versatile fruits in the world.

24 year old Gujarat woman decides to marry herself in India’s first sologamy

A 24-year-old woman named Kshama Bindu from Vadodara, Gujarat is getting married to herself on June 11. This is set to be the first ‘solgamy’ in India. Sologamy or autogamy is marriage by a person to themselves. Supporters of the practice argue that it affirms one’s own value and leads to a happier life.

What is Shigella infection? Cause, Prevention, Treatment

Shigella is a bacterium that belongs to the enterobacter family — a group of bacteria that reside in the intestine, not all of which cause disease in humans. It mainly affects the intestine and results in diarrhoea, sometimes bloody, stomach pain, and fever.
It is a food- and water-borne infection, and can happen when someone consumes contaminated food, unwashed fruit or vegetables.