“Hello Naariyal” Call Centre Launched to Empower Coconut Farmers in Kochi

“Hello Naariyal” Call Centre Launched to Empower Coconut Farmers in Kochi

In a significant move to bolster the coconut farming community in Kochi, the “Hello Naariyal” call centre has been inaugurated, marking a milestone in agricultural support services. The initiative, spearheaded by local authorities and agricultural experts, aims to bridge the gap between coconut farmers and essential resources.

The “Hello Naariyal” call centre operates as a helpline for coconut farmers, offering a wide array of services ranging from agricultural guidance to market information and technical assistance. The platform is designed to address the specific challenges faced by coconut cultivators, ensuring that they have access to timely and relevant information.

The coconut farming community in Kochi plays a pivotal role in the region’s agricultural landscape, and the “Hello Naariyal” initiative recognizes the importance of supporting these farmers. By establishing a direct line of communication, the call centre enables farmers to seek advice on cultivation practices, pest control, and market trends.

Moreover, the initiative aims to foster a sense of community among coconut farmers, providing them with a platform to share experiences and insights. The “Hello Naariyal” call centre is not only a source of information but also a hub for collaboration and networking within the agricultural sector.

The launch of this innovative call centre reflects the commitment of local authorities to empower and uplift the farming community. As “Hello Naariyal” begins its operations, it is anticipated to become a valuable resource in promoting sustainable coconut farming practices and enhancing the overall well-being of coconut farmers in Kochi.