Seven incidents of hijacking of vessels on high seas by pirates have been reported during the last three years.

Specific Incidents

a. Merchant Vessel – Lila Norfolk (January 04-05, 2024)

  • One hijacking incident involving Lila Norfolk.
  • 21 crew members onboard, including 15 Indian nationals.

b. Fishing Vessel – IMAN (January 28, 2024)

  • Hijacking incident involving IMAN.
  • No Indian crew onboard.

c. Fishing Vessel – AI Naeemi (January 29, 2024)

  • Hijacking incident involving AI Naeemi.
  • No Indian crew onboard.

Indian Navy’s Proactive Engagement

  • Indian Navy actively engages with regional and extra-regional navies/maritime forces to promote maritime security.

Antipiracy Patrols

  • Since 2008, Indian Navy has deployed units in the Gulf of Aden and the East Coast of Africa for antipiracy patrols.
  • 3,440 ships and over 25,000 seafarers have been safely escorted.

Restoring Maritime Security

  • Enhanced presence of ships and aerial surveillance in the Central Arabian Sea and Off East Coast of Somalia by Indian Navy.
  • Interrogation of fishing vessels/dhows for maintaining maritime security.

Coordination and Information Exchange

  • Information exchange with national and international maritime security agencies.
  • Effective liaison and coordination with DG (Shipping) for inputs on Indian crew onboard Merchant vessels.

Palk Strait

  • Nil piracy incidents reported in Palk Strait.

Statement in Lok Sabha

  • The information was provided by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Ajay Bhatt in response to Shri A Ganeshamurthi in the Lok Sabha.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. How many hijacking incidents of vessels on high seas have been reported in the last three years?
    • A) Five
    • B) Six
    • C) Seven
    • D) Eight
    • Answer: C) Seven
  2. Which vessel experienced a hijacking incident on January 04-05, 2024, with 15 Indian nationals onboard?
    • A) Fishing Vessel – IMAN
    • B) Fishing Vessel – AI Naeemi
    • C) Merchant Vessel – Lila Norfolk
    • D) None of the above
    • Answer: C) Merchant Vessel – Lila Norfolk
  3. How many seafarers have been safely escorted by the Indian Navy during antipiracy patrols since 2008?
    • A) Over 20,000
    • B) Over 25,000
    • C) Over 30,000
    • D) Over 35,000
    • Answer: B) Over 25,000
  4. Where has the Indian Navy enhanced its presence for restoring maritime security?
    • A) Bay of Bengal
    • B) South China Sea
    • C) Central Arabian Sea and Off East Coast of Somalia
    • D) Indian Ocean
    • Answer: C) Central Arabian Sea and Off East Coast of Somalia
  5. What is the status of piracy incidents in the Palk Strait?
    • A) High
    • B) Moderate
    • C) Low
    • D) Nil
    • Answer: D) Nil