Historic Moment as Largest Container Ship Docks at Mundra Port

Historic Moment as Largest Container Ship Docks at Mundra Port

Adani Group’s Mundra Port witnessed a historic event on Sunday with the docking of MSC Anna, the largest container ship to ever visit an Indian port.

Key Details

  • Vessel Specifications: MSC Anna measures almost 400 meters in length, which is about the length of four football fields. It has a capacity of 19,200 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units).
  • Draft Specifications: The vessel’s arrival draft is 16.3 meters, which can be accommodated only at Adani Ports, Mundra. No other port in India is capable of berthing such a deep-draft vessel.
  • Cargo Exchange: During its stay, MSC Anna is expected to exchange 12,500 TEUs.

Historical Context

  • Previous Record Holder: Last July, Adani Ports, Mundra, had docked MV MSC Hamburg, which was 399 meters long with a capacity of 16,652 TEUs. This event paved the way for the arrival of MSC Anna.


  • Enhanced Capabilities: The arrival of MSC Anna highlights Mundra Port’s capacity to handle mega ships, showcasing its importance in enhancing India’s maritime trade capabilities.
  • Global Impact: As Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (APSEZ) continues to expand and upgrade its facilities, Mundra Port is poised to play an increasingly significant role in the global shipping and logistics landscape.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What was the length of MSC Anna, the largest container ship to dock at an Indian port?
    • a) 350 meters
    • b) 400 meters
    • c) 399.98 meters
    • d) 399 meters
    Answer: c) 399.98 meters
  2. What is the cargo capacity of MSC Anna in TEUs?
    • a) 16,652 TEUs
    • b) 19,200 TEUs
    • c) 18,000 TEUs
    • d) 20,000 TEUs
    Answer: b) 19,200 TEUs
  3. Which port in India is capable of berthing a vessel with a 16.3-meter arrival draft?
    • a) Mumbai Port
    • b) Chennai Port
    • c) Mundra Port
    • d) Kolkata Port
    Answer: c) Mundra Port
  4. What was the name of the container ship that previously held the record for the longest vessel at Mundra Port before MSC Anna?
    • a) MV MSC Zoe
    • b) MV MSC Hamburg
    • c) MV MSC Oscar
    • d) MV MSC Maya
    Answer: b) MV MSC Hamburg
  5. How many TEUs were expected to be exchanged during MSC Anna’s stay at Mundra Port?
    • a) 12,500 TEUs
    • b) 15,000 TEUs
    • c) 10,000 TEUs
    • d) 18,000 TEUs
    Answer: a) 12,500 TEUs