Independent Candidate Chhotelal Mahto Relies on Personal Relationships in Election Campaign

Independent Candidate Chhotelal Mahto Relies on Personal Relationships in Election Campaign

Chhotelal Mahto, also known as ‘Vidhyak ji’, is a 47-year-old independent candidate from the Kishanganj Lok Sabha seat. He has been contesting elections since 2004.

Campaign Strategy

Mr. Mahto focuses on building personal relationships with locals rather than playing the caste card, despite the significant OBC population in Bihar.

Campaign Style

  • Mr. Mahto campaigns in the evenings, meeting people on foot or bicycle from 5 pm to 10 pm.
  • He has been actively involved in politics since 2000, starting with a nomination for State elections.
  • Despite facing defeat in previous elections, Mr. Mahto remains determined to continue contesting until he is elected.

Financial Support

  • Mr. Mahto and his wife save money for several years and receive donations from friends, relatives, and locals to fund their election campaigns.
  • He has spent over ₹4 lakh on elections so far, while his wife engages in poultry and goat rearing to support their family of five.

Symbol Change

  • In previous elections, Mr. Mahto contested on the “gas cylinder” symbol but has switched to the “air-conditioner” symbol based on suggestions from friends and relatives.

Upcoming Election

  • Kishanganj is scheduled to go to polls in the second phase on April 26.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What is Chhotelal Mahto’s primary campaign strategy?
    • A) Caste-based politics
    • B) Building personal relationships
    • C) Economic reforms
    • D) Social media campaigns
    • Answer: B) Building personal relationships
  2. When does Chhotelal Mahto typically conduct his campaign activities?
    • A) Early mornings
    • B) Afternoons
    • C) Evenings
    • D) Late nights
    • Answer: C) Evenings
  3. Which symbol did Chhotelal Mahto use in previous elections?
    • A) Air-conditioner
    • B) Bicycle
    • C) Gas cylinder
    • D) Mobile phone
    • Answer: C) Gas cylinder
  4. How does Chhotelal Mahto finance his election campaigns?
    • A) Through government grants
    • B) Personal savings only
    • C) Donations from friends, relatives, and locals
    • D) Bank loans
    • Answer: C) Donations from friends, relatives, and locals
  5. When is the scheduled date for the upcoming election in Kishanganj?
    • A) April 15
    • B) April 20
    • C) April 26
    • D) May 1
    • Answer: C) April 26