India and Bangladesh Launch 11th Edition of Joint Military Exercise, SAMPRITI

India and Bangladesh Launch 11th Edition of Joint Military Exercise, SAMPRITI
India and Bangladesh Launch 11th Edition of Joint Military Exercise, SAMPRITI

In a testament to their enduring alliance, India and Bangladesh have commenced the 11th edition of their annual joint military exercise, SAMPRITI, in Umroi, Meghalaya. SAMPRITI, an initiative that alternates between both nations, exemplifies their steadfast commitment to bolstering bilateral defense cooperation. Since its inception in Jorhat, Assam, in 2009, SAMPRITI has achieved remarkable success, completing ten editions by 2022. Spanning 14 days, SAMPRITI-XI brings together approximately 350 personnel from both sides, emphasizing the pivotal importance of advancing interoperability, sharing tactical maneuvers, and propagating best practices.

The roots of SAMPRITI trace back to 2009, when it was originally established as a platform for joint military exercises between India and Bangladesh. Over the past decade, this initiative has flourished, becoming a symbol of the formidable defense bonds uniting the two nations.

SAMPRITI-XI boasts the participation of 170 personnel from the Bangladeshi contingent, led by Brigadier General Mohammed Mafizul Islam Rashed, Commander of the 52 Bangladesh Infantry Brigade. The lead unit on the Bangladesh Army side is the 27 Bangladesh Infantry Regiment. Meanwhile, the Indian contingent predominantly comprises troops from a battalion of the RAJPUT Regiment, under the command of Brigadier SK Anand, a Mountain Brigade Commander. Additionally, the exercise incorporates personnel from various units, including artillery, engineers, and other supporting arms and services, from both nations.

The central theme of SAMPRITI-XI revolves around Sub-Conventional Operations, aligning with Chapter VII of the UN mandate. The exercise comprises two significant components:

  1. CPX (Command Post Exercise): Involving twenty officers from each contingent, the CPX underscores decision-making through meticulous deliberations. This segment aims to elevate strategic planning and coordination among Indian and Bangladeshi military officials.
  2. FTX (Field Training Exercise): The FTX validates grassroots-level operations and features a series of collaborative tactical drills. These drills center on counter-terrorist operations, encompassing facets such as hostage rescue, crowd control strategies, and the utilization of helicopters in counter-terrorist scenarios. The FTX highlights the imperative of seamless cooperation between the two armies in high-pressure situations.

The apex of the exercise culminates in a Validation Exercise, scheduled for October 14th and 15th, 2023, at the Darranga Field Firing Range in Assam. This final phase offers both Indian and Bangladeshi contingents the opportunity to put their acquired knowledge and skills to the test in a realistic and demanding setting.

As an integral part of SAMPRITI-XI, participants will have the privilege of witnessing the capabilities of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ through an Equipment Display. This exhibition underscores India’s self-reliance in defense manufacturing and technology.

SAMPRITI-XI reaffirms the unwavering commitment of both India and Bangladesh to strengthening their defense cooperation. Beyond its military dimensions, this joint exercise fosters deeper bilateral relations, cultural understanding, and mutual benefits stemming from shared experiences in Sub-Conventional Operations. It stands as a testament to the enduring friendship between the two neighboring nations and their shared dedication to regional stability and security.