India Unveils Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Storage

India Unveils Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Storage
India Unveils Roadmap for Green Hydrogen Storage

The Indian government has released a roadmap for the development of green hydrogen storage in India. The roadmap outlines the research and development priorities for manufacturing and storing green hydrogen, with the goal of promoting efficient, safe, and cost-effective hydrogen storage.

The roadmap highlights the importance of combining hydrogen fuel cells, advanced batteries, and super-capacitors as key technologies in the future of the automobile industry. It also emphasizes the need for indigenous development of type III and type IV compressed hydrogen tanks and the synthesis of alloys or materials for solid-state hydrogen storage.

The roadmap sets a target of demonstrating aboveground storage systems with a capital cost lower than Rs.30,000 kg by 2030. It also aims to demonstrate long-term underground storage systems with a cost lower than Rs.3000 kg by 2030.

The roadmap also calls for pilot-scale demonstrations for different vehicular appliances, as well as the use of solid-state hydrogen storage tanks for stationery appliances like heating and cooling, hydrogen purification, thermal energy storage, and backup power.

The roadmap is a significant step forward in India’s efforts to develop a green hydrogen economy. It provides a clear roadmap for the research and development of green hydrogen storage, and it sets ambitious targets for the development of this technology.

Additional Information:

  • The roadmap was released in a conference organized by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources in partnership with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Council of Scientific and Indian Research, Office of Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India, and the Confederation of Indian Industry.
  • The roadmap is a collaboration between the government, industry, and academia.
  • The roadmap is expected to help India become a global leader in the development of green hydrogen storage technology.