24 year old Gujarat woman decides to marry herself in India’s first sologamy

24 year old Gujarat woman decides to marry herself in India’s first sologamy: A 24-year-old woman named Kshama Bindu from Vadodara, Gujarat is getting married to herself on June 11. This is set to be the first ‘solgamy’ in India.  Click here to Join whatsapp/ telegram study group 

Kshama Bindu from Vadodara, Gujarat

She said that she never wanted to get married, but wanted to become a bride. So she has decided to marry herself. Kshama Bindu said that she wished to break stereotypes and inspire others who are tired of finding true love.

Bindu, who is a working professional, added that her mother, who lives in another city, has given her consent for this unusual “groom-less” wedding.

24 year old Gujarat woman decides to marry herself in India’s first sologamy

The venue for her wedding has been booked, the vows have been prepared and the date set, the woman from Vadodara, Gujarat will tie the knot with herself on 11 June. The ceremony will include every Hindu marriage ritual like- Pheras, applying of Sindoor.

Kshama Bindu Photos

What is Sologamy?

Sologamy or autogamy is marriage by a person to themselves. Supporters of the practice argue that it affirms one’s own value and leads to a happier life. This is also known as self-marriage, but this may also refer to a self-uniting marriage, which is a marriage without an officiant.

The act of Sologamy has been on the rise globally, empirically among among affluent women.

Is Sologamy Legal in India?

However, Sologamy is neither recognised by law of any country nor a social norm so far.

“As per Indian laws, you cannot marry yourself. There has to be two persons in a marriage. Sologamy is not legal,” senior High Court advocate Krishnakant Vakharia said.

Another senior lawyer Chandrakant Gupta said, “The Hindu Marriage Act uses the terminology ‘either of the spouse’, which simply means that there must be two persons to complete the marriage. Sologamy will never pass the legal scrutiny.”

Sologamy Cases

  • In 2018, Lulu Jemimah, a 32-year-old woman from Uganda got married to herself. She decided to marry herself after getting tired of parental pressure.
  • In 2021, Meg Taylor Morrison from the US married herself in a ceremony costing £1,000 (Rs 1.02 lakh) after splitting from her boyfriend.