Jharkhand’s Republic Day Parade Tableau Celebrates Tribal Women’s Expertise in Tasar Silk Production

Jharkhand’s Republic Day Parade Tableau Celebrates Tribal Women’s Expertise in Tasar Silk Production

Jharkhand’s tableau in the Republic Day parade featured the remarkable skills of tribal women involved in the production of Tasar silk.

Tableau Highlights:

The tableau vividly depicted various stages of Tasar silk production, including Tasar moth rearing, cocoon production, weaving, and the contemporary journey of Tasar garments from design to global distribution.

Cultural Representation:

The performance was complemented by the state’s cultural troupe, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Jharkhand through the traditional “jhumar” folk dance and indigenous music.

Structured Representation:

  1. Tasar Moth Rearing:
    • The tableau illustrated the intricate process of Tasar moth rearing, emphasizing the crucial initial stage of silk production.
  2. Cocoon Production:
    • Highlighting the next phase, the tableau showcased the artistry involved in cocoon production, underscoring the skill of tribal women in this essential aspect of silk manufacturing.
  3. Weaving:
    • The weaving process was depicted, emphasizing the craftsmanship of tribal women in transforming Tasar silk into intricately woven fabrics.
  4. Modern Journey:
    • The tableau traced the modern journey of Tasar garments, highlighting the design phase and the subsequent global distribution of these traditional textiles.
  5. Cultural Performance:
    • Jharkhand’s cultural troupe enriched the tableau with the energetic “jhumar” folk dance, reflecting the cultural heritage of the state.
  6. Indigenous Music:
    • The performance was enhanced by indigenous music, contributing to the overall celebration of Jharkhand’s rich cultural diversity.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. What did Jharkhand’s Republic Day parade tableau showcase?
    • A. Tribal agriculture
    • B. Tasar silk production
    • C. Modern technology advancements
    • D. Traditional pottery
    Answer: B. Tasar silk production
  2. Which stage of silk production was highlighted in the tableau?
    • A. Weaving
    • B. Tasar moth rearing
    • C. Dyeing
    • D. Spinning
    Answer: B. Tasar moth rearing
  3. What cultural elements were featured alongside the tableau performance?
    • A. Hip-hop dance
    • B. Ballet performance
    • C. “Jhumar” folk dance
    • D. Flamenco dance
    Answer: C. “Jhumar” folk dance