Mohali Housing Societies, JLPL Projects, UT Industrial Units Under Fire for Wildlife Norm Violations

Mohali Housing Societies, JLPL Projects, UT Industrial Units Under Fire for Wildlife Norm Violations

A recent audit has uncovered a disturbing truth about Mohali’s development: at least six major projects, including housing societies, JLPL ventures, and even industrial units within the UT area, have reportedly operated without obtaining mandatory wildlife clearance certificates. These projects fall within a 10 km radius of crucial sanctuaries like Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary and City Bird Sanctuary, Sector 21.

This blatant disregard for environmental regulations raises serious concerns about the potential harm to nearby wildlife habitats. The absence of proper assessments and mitigation plans jeopardizes the delicate ecological balance surrounding these protected areas. The consequences could be far-reaching, impacting animal populations, migratory patterns, and the overall health of the ecosystem.

The audit report has prompted an investigation into how these projects managed to bypass the Wildlife Clearance Certificate (WCC) requirement. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is currently looking into the matter, specifically focusing on possible irregularities in minutes of a State Wildlife Board meeting held in 2022.

The situation demands immediate and decisive action. Authorities must hold accountable those responsible for flouting environmental norms and ensure strict adherence to wildlife clearance procedures. Additionally, thorough assessments of the potential impact of these projects on nearby sanctuaries are crucial. Measures to mitigate any adverse effects on wildlife and their habitats must be implemented with urgency.

Mohali’s residents, environmental activists, and concerned citizens must raise their voices in support of protecting the city’s precious wildlife from the consequences of unchecked development. This is not just an environmental issue; it is a matter of preserving the delicate balance that sustains our very existence.

The future of Mohali’s wildlife hangs in the balance. Only through responsible development and unwavering commitment to environmental protection can we ensure that future generations inherit a city that thrives in harmony with nature.