New Tiger Reserve Planned in Uttar Pradesh as Tiger Population Spotted in Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary

New Tiger Reserve Planned in Uttar Pradesh as Tiger Population Spotted in Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary

A new tiger reserve is set to be established in Uttar Pradesh, expanding the state’s conservation efforts following the discovery of a tiger population in the Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS). This initiative aims to further protect and preserve the rich biodiversity of the region.

Confirmation of Tiger Population

The Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary, covering the districts of Balrampur, Shravasti, and Gonda, has been identified as the location for the new tiger reserve. The recent tiger census, conducted by the Centre and released last April, provided photographic evidence of tigers in Suhelwa for the first time, prompting the decision to establish the reserve.

Details of the Reserve

SWS spans an area of 452sqkm, with 232sqkm allocated as the core area and 220sqkm designated as the buffer zone. This delineation aims to provide a suitable habitat for the tiger population while also ensuring ecological balance within the sanctuary.

Approval Process

The establishment of a new tiger reserve requires approval from the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA). The proposal is currently being formulated by the state government of Uttar Pradesh and will subsequently be submitted to the NTCA for review and authorization.

Addressing Wildlife Conservation Challenges

Efforts are underway to address staffing shortages and wildlife-human conflicts within existing reserves. Plans include filling staffing gaps at the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR) and implementing measures to mitigate conflicts caused by the increasing tiger population, such as the deployment of chain link fencing along identified stretches.

Initiatives for Enhanced Conservation

To enhance conservation efforts and ensure effective management of forest resources, initiatives such as recruiting 1,300 new forest inspectors and exploring public-private partnerships are being pursued. These endeavors aim to bolster field personnel and address financial constraints in wildlife conservation.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where will the new tiger reserve in Uttar Pradesh be established?
    a) Pilibhit
    b) Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary
    c) Amangarh
    d) Bijnor
    Answer: b) Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. How many square kilometers is designated as the core area of the Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary?
    a) 220sqkm
    b) 232sqkm
    c) 452sqkm
    d) 672sqkm
    Answer: b) 232sqkm
  3. Who is responsible for approving the establishment of a new tiger reserve in India?
    a) State Government
    b) National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)
    c) Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
    d) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    Answer: b) National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)