Onge Tribe Welcomes New Member: Birth of Baby Boy to King Totoko and Queen Priya

Onge Tribe Welcomes New Member: Birth of Baby Boy to King Totoko and Queen Priya

The birth of a baby boy to the Onge tribe king Totoko and queen Priya at GB Panth Hospital in Andaman marks a significant event, elevating the tribe’s total population to 136.

Birth Details

  • Date and Time: Monday, around 5:55 pm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.5 kg
  • Delivery: Normal delivery, marking Totoko’s eighth child.

Reactions and Statements

Union Tribal Minister Arjun Munda:

  • Expressed happiness and congratulated Totoko and Priya on the arrival.
  • Assured support from the local administration for the mother and child’s well-being.
  • Highlighted ongoing efforts to protect Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) in the region.

Hospital Sources:

  • Confirmed the health and well-being of both mother and child.
  • Expected discharge from the hospital within a day or two after observation.

Onge Tribe

  • Location: Confined to Dugong Creek, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Traditional Lifestyle: Historically semi-nomadic, relying on hunting and gathering.
  • Current Situation: Receive rations and clothing from the local administration, transitioning from traditional practices.

Historical Context

  • Decline of Tribal Populations: Primitive tribes like the Onge, Jarawa, Shompen, Great Andamanese, and Sentinelese have seen significant population decline due to various factors including epidemics, exploitation, and confrontations with colonial powers.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. When was the baby boy born to the Onge tribe king Totoko and queen Priya?
    • A) Tuesday
    • B) Wednesday
    • C) Monday
    • D) Thursday
    • Answer: C) Monday
  2. What was the approximate weight of the baby boy at birth?
    • A) 1.5 kg
    • B) 2 kg
    • C) 2.5 kg
    • D) 3 kg
    • Answer: C) 2.5 kg
  3. How many children has Totoko fathered with queen Priya?
    • A) Six
    • B) Seven
    • C) Eight
    • D) Nine
    • Answer: C) Eight
  4. Which minister expressed happiness about the birth of the baby boy?
    • A) Union Health Minister
    • B) Union Tribal Minister
    • C) Union Education Minister
    • D) Union Defense Minister
    • Answer: B) Union Tribal Minister
  5. Where are the Onge tribe currently located?
    • A) Port Blair
    • B) North Sentinel Island
    • C) Dugong Creek
    • D) Great Nicobar Island
    • Answer: C) Dugong Creek