Pakistan Plans Low-Key Engagement with India, to Celebrate National Day in New Delhi

Pakistan Plans Low-Key Engagement with India, to Celebrate National Day in New Delhi

As a new government assumes power in Pakistan, it seeks to initiate a cautious engagement with India, marking a departure from years of strained diplomatic relations. One notable step in this direction is Pakistan’s decision to resume its National Day celebrations in New Delhi after a four-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic and deteriorating bilateral ties.

What is Pakistan National Day?

Pakistan National Day is observed on March 23 each year, commemorating the adoption of the Lahore Resolution by the All-India Muslim League in 1940. This resolution laid the groundwork for the creation of an independent state for India’s Muslims.

Historical Context of the Lahore Resolution

The Lahore Resolution was passed during the All-India Muslim League’s general session held in Lahore from March 22 to March 24, 1940. It formally advocated for the establishment of an independent state to safeguard the interests of India’s Muslim population.

Content of the Lahore Resolution

Although the Lahore Resolution did not explicitly mention “Pakistan,” it called for the creation of “independent states” in regions where Muslims were in the majority, particularly in the North-Western and Eastern Zones of India.

Interpretations and Controversies

The wording of the Lahore Resolution, particularly regarding the delineation of separate states, has sparked debates among historians and leaders, especially regarding whether it advocated for the creation of two distinct states or a single united nation.

Significance of the Lahore Resolution

The Lahore Resolution served as a pivotal moment in the demand for Muslim autonomy in India and laid the foundation for the eventual creation of Pakistan. It symbolizes the aspirations of the Muslim League and its leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for a separate homeland.

Celebration of Pakistan National Day in New Delhi

Pakistan National Day is celebrated in New Delhi at the Pakistan embassy complex, typically attended by foreign diplomats and Indian officials. The event features the playing of national anthems, speeches by the Pakistan high commissioner and a chief guest, often a minister or an MOS.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. When is Pakistan National Day observed?
    a) March 22
    b) March 23
    c) March 24
    d) March 25
    Answer: b) March 23
  2. What event does Pakistan National Day commemorate?
    a) Independence from British rule
    b) Adoption of the Lahore Resolution
    c) Formation of Pakistan’s first constitution
    d) Establishment of Pakistan as an Islamic Republic
    Answer: b) Adoption of the Lahore Resolution
  3. Where was the Lahore Resolution adopted?
    a) Karachi
    b) Delhi
    c) Lahore
    d) Islamabad
    Answer: c) Lahore
  4. Who was the primary advocate for the Lahore Resolution?
    a) Jawaharlal Nehru
    b) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
    c) Mahatma Gandhi
    d) Abul Kalam Azad
    Answer: b) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  5. How is Pakistan National Day celebrated in New Delhi?
    a) With military parades
    b) Through cultural festivals
    c) At the Pakistan embassy complex
    d) With religious ceremonies
    Answer: c) At the Pakistan embassy complex