Pilot Discontent and Operational Challenges Plague Vistara Amid Merger

Pilot Discontent and Operational Challenges Plague Vistara Amid Merger

Vistara pilots express dissatisfaction with new pay structure and merger concerns. Concerns raised over safety and manpower shortage.

Pilot Refusal to Accept New Pay Structure

  • Percentage of Pilots Declining New Contract: Approximately 24.5% of Vistara’s cockpit crew have not accepted the new contract.
  • Reasons for Discontent: Reduction in flying allowance leading to pay cuts.

Conflicting Reports on Pilot Acceptance

  • Discrepancy in Reports: Varying figures provided by airline officials regarding pilot acceptance.
  • Top Official’s Claim: Initially, an airline official claimed only 2% of pilots refused to sign the new contract.

Causes of Discontentment

  • Various Issues Leading to Disruptions: Taxing flight schedules, delay in promotions, and dissatisfaction with HR practices.
  • Pilot Complaints: Allegations of coercion by HR to sign new contracts.

Operational Challenges

  • Flight Disruptions: Recent cancellations and delays affecting operations.
  • Mismanagement Allegations: Lack of pilot alignment with network expansion plans.

Safety Concerns

  • Pilot Training Mismanagement: Allegations of inadequate training impacting safety.
  • Regulatory Scrutiny: DGCA issues show-cause notice regarding training lapses.

Manpower Solutions

  • Deputation of Pilots: Air India expected to send FOs to Vistara to address manpower shortage.
  • Aircraft Reallocation: Plan to shift aircraft to optimize pilot-aircraft ratio.

Operational Adjustments

  • Flight Cancellations: Continued cancellations to create pilot buffer till April end.
  • Management Changes: Criticism of senior management for operational missteps.


  • Ongoing challenges require strategic solutions to address manpower and operational issues.
  • Regulatory compliance and safety remain paramount concerns amidst operational adjustments.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What percentage of Vistara pilots have not accepted the new pay structure?
    A) 10%
    B) 15%
    C) 24.5%
    D) 30%
    Answer: C) 24.5%
  2. Who claimed initially that only 2% of pilots had refused to sign the new contract?
    A) CEO Vinod Kannan
    B) Airline’s HR Department
    C) The Hindu’s report
    D) A top airline official
    Answer: D) A top airline official
  3. What was one of the main reasons for pilot discontent at Vistara?
    A) Lack of promotional opportunities
    B) Inadequate flight allowance
    C) Shortage of aircraft
    D) Lack of vacation days
    Answer: B) Inadequate flight allowance
  4. What regulatory body issued a show-cause notice regarding training lapses at Vistara?
    A) ICAO
    B) FAA
    C) DGCA
    D) EASA
    Answer: C) DGCA
  5. What is one proposed solution to address Vistara’s manpower shortage?
    A) Increase flight cancellations
    B) Reduce pilot training sessions
    C) Deputation of Air India pilots
    D) Introduce all-business class flights
    Answer: C) Deputation of Air India pilots