Prayagraj Police Launch ‘Savera’ Scheme for Senior Citizens’ Safety and Well-being

Prayagraj Police Launch 'Savera' Scheme for Senior Citizens' Safety and Well-being
Prayagraj Police Launch 'Savera' Scheme for Senior Citizens' Safety and Well-being

In a proactive move to safeguard the welfare of senior citizens within their jurisdiction, the Prayagraj police have introduced the ‘Savera’ scheme. This program is dedicated to delivering essential services during health crises and other emergencies to senior citizens residing in seven districts under the Prayagraj zone. Remarkably, within the last three days, the initiative has already attracted the registration of over 700 senior citizens, underlining its significance and acceptance in the community.

Under the ‘Savera’ scheme, the Prayagraj police have meticulously compiled a comprehensive database of individuals aged 60 and above. This valuable resource is readily accessible through the dedicated helpline number, 112, ensuring swift and efficient responses during moments of urgency. One of the primary responsibilities of the police personnel participating in this scheme is to conduct routine safety inspections at the residences of registered senior citizens. These checks play a vital role in assuring the safety and well-being of elderly individuals who may otherwise be vulnerable.

A noteworthy facet of the ‘Savera’ scheme is the commitment of the police force to dispatch beat officers for regular visits to the homes of senior citizens. During these visits, officers engage with the elderly residents, inquire about their welfare, and address any concerns they may harbor. This proactive approach not only bolsters the sense of security for senior citizens but also forges a stronger bond between law enforcement and the community.

According to Additional DG (Prayagraj zone), Bhanu Bhaskar, the ‘Savera’ scheme was initiated with the primary goal of reducing response times and preventing delays in addressing the concerns of senior citizens. Frequently, elderly individuals encounter difficulties in obtaining timely assistance, especially when living alone. The scheme aims to bridge this gap by ensuring that registered seniors can swiftly access the aid they require.

The registration process for senior citizens aged 60 and above is uncomplicated. They can conveniently enroll in the ‘Savera’ scheme online, and their information is automatically transmitted to the local police station via the 112 helpline. Upon receipt of the information, the police station conducts verification by dispatching an officer to confirm the details. Once verification is successfully completed, the senior citizen becomes a registered participant in the scheme.

Furthermore, the ‘Savera’ scheme integrates seamlessly with other essential helpline services, including 108 for ambulance services, 181 for women in distress, and 101 for fire services. This integration ensures that senior citizens enrolled in the ‘Savera’ scheme can access all necessary emergency services swiftly and efficiently when needed.