Prime Minister Modi Commemorates Sant Ravidas’ Birth Anniversary in Varanasi

Prime Minister Modi Commemorates Sant Ravidas’ Birth Anniversary in Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech on India’s developmental trajectory, inspired by Sant Ravidas, during a ceremony commemorating Sant Ravidas’ 647th birth anniversary. This event took place in Varanasi, Modi’s parliamentary constituency.

Modi’s Address

Modi welcomed attendees to Sant Ravidas’ birthplace, acknowledging their presence from various regions, particularly highlighting the significant presence of attendees from Punjab. He noted the resemblance of Varanasi to a “mini-Punjab.”

Critique of Opposition

Modi criticized the ‘INDIA’ bloc opposition, accusing them of exploiting caste divisions for political gain. He suggested that these politicians prioritize their personal interests over the welfare of marginalized communities, such as Dalits and tribals.

Inauguration Ceremony

Before his address, Prime Minister Modi inaugurated a newly erected statue of Sant Ravidas in Varanasi.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliver his speech commemorating Sant Ravidas’ birth anniversary?
    • A) New Delhi
    • B) Varanasi
    • C) Punjab
    • D) Kolkata
    • Answer: B) Varanasi
  2. Whose birth anniversary was being celebrated during the event addressed by Modi?
    • A) Mahatma Gandhi
    • B) Sant Ravidas
    • C) Jawaharlal Nehru
    • D) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
    • Answer: B) Sant Ravidas
  3. What did Modi refer to Varanasi as during his speech?
    • A) A melting pot of cultures
    • B) A center for economic development
    • C) A hub for education
    • D) A mini-Punjab
    • Answer: D) A mini-Punjab
  4. According to Modi, what was the opposition accused of doing during his speech?
    • A) Exploiting caste divisions
    • B) Promoting unity among communities
    • C) Fostering economic growth
    • D) Prioritizing welfare programs
    • Answer: A) Exploiting caste divisions
  5. What did Prime Minister Modi inaugurate before delivering his address?
    • A) A new hospital
    • B) A community center
    • C) A statue of Sant Ravidas
    • D) An educational institution
    • Answer: C) A statue of Sant Ravidas