Prime Minister Unveils ‘Shiv Shakti Point’ and ‘Tiranga Point’ on Lunar Surface During ISRO Visit

Prime Minister Unveils 'Shiv Shakti Point' and 'Tiranga Point' on Lunar Surface During ISRO Visit
Prime Minister Unveils 'Shiv Shakti Point' and 'Tiranga Point' on Lunar Surface During ISRO Visit

In a historic moment at the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Network Mission Control Complex in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed two significant names etched on the lunar surface: ‘Shiv Shakti Point’ and ‘Tiranga Point.’ These names hold deep spiritual and inspirational connotations, symbolizing the seamless blend of science and spirituality, acknowledging the pivotal role of women scientists, and honoring India’s remarkable feats in space exploration.

The naming of the lunar landing site as ‘Shiv Shakti Point’ signifies the delicate balance between spirituality and scientific prowess, drawing parallels with the cosmic harmony embodied by Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti in Hindu mythology. Moreover, it serves as an inspiration for future generations, encouraging them to harness the power of science for the greater good of humanity.

‘Shiv Shakti Point’ also pays tribute to the remarkable contributions of women scientists in the Chandrayaan-3 mission. Prime Minister Modi’s recognition of their integral role underscores India’s commitment to gender inclusivity and reflects the growing representation of women in the field of science and technology.

This site marks the precise spot where Chandrayaan-3’s moon lander executed a flawless touchdown after a meticulous 40-day journey through space. Prime Minister Modi lauded ISRO scientists for their unwavering dedication and rigorous testing that resulted in this successful soft landing. The mission’s triumph underscores India’s remarkable achievements in space exploration and its relentless pursuit of expanding scientific horizons.

In addition to ‘Shiv Shakti Point,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi also declared that the crash-landed site of Chandrayaan-2, where the Indian tricolor was planted, would henceforth be known as ‘Tiranga Point.’ This name pays tribute to India’s resilience and unyielding spirit in the face of challenges in the realm of space exploration.

The unveiling of ‘Shiv Shakti Point’ and ‘Tiranga Point’ signifies unity, national pride, and the convergence of human aspirations with cosmic marvels. These names are not just confined to the scientific community but are poised to inspire individuals from all walks of life. By commemorating the achievements of Indian space scientists and showcasing the nation’s prowess, these names will serve as a guiding light, inspiring generations to come.