Red Panda Captured on Camera in Arunachal Pradesh’s Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Red Panda Captured on Camera in Arunachal Pradesh’s Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

An endangered species, the red panda, was recently captured on camera in the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (EWS), located in the Singchung subdivision of the West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. This sighting underscores the sanctuary’s crucial role in preserving biodiversity.

Significant Sighting

The sighting was recorded through a camera trap installed by the Wildlife Institute of India in collaboration with EWS. This effort highlights the importance of the sanctuary as a habitat for the red panda.

Expert Insight

Yachang Kani, the Range Forest Officer (RFO), emphasized the importance of this sighting. He stated, “The presence of the red panda in the sanctuary reaffirms its status as an ideal habitat for this highly endangered species.” Previous sightings have occurred, but their rarity highlights the critical need for habitat preservation.

About the Red Panda

  • Scientific Name: Ailurus fulgens
  • Nickname: Firefox, due to its vibrant red and white fur
  • Population: Fewer than 10,000 individuals globally
  • Conservation Status: Endangered (IUCN Red List)
  • Diet: Primarily bamboo

Conservation Efforts

The global population of red pandas is less than 10,000, making conservation efforts essential. Protecting their habitat is crucial for their survival.

Government Response

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister commented on the sighting via Twitter: “A pleasant sight as the Red Panda has been spotted in the Wildlife Sanctuary in Singchung subdivision of West Kameng district. An endangered species, as per IUCN Red List, these bamboo-eating animals of taxonomic family, are very important for the ecosystem.” He added, “Let us conserve it for a sustainable future.”

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Where was the red panda recently captured on camera?
    • A. Kaziranga National Park
    • B. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
    • C. Ranthambore National Park
    • D. Sundarbans National Park
    • Answer: B. Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Who installed the camera trap that captured the red panda?
    • A. World Wildlife Fund
    • B. Wildlife Institute of India
    • C. National Geographic
    • D. Forest Survey of India
    • Answer: B. Wildlife Institute of India
  3. What nickname is given to the red panda due to its appearance?
    • A. Little Giant
    • B. Firefox
    • C. Red Fox
    • D. Bamboo Bear
    • Answer: B. Firefox
  4. According to the IUCN Red List, what is the conservation status of the red panda?
    • A. Vulnerable
    • B. Endangered
    • C. Critically Endangered
    • D. Near Threatened
    • Answer: B. Endangered
  5. What is the primary diet of the red panda?
    • A. Insects
    • B. Fruits
    • C. Bamboo
    • D. Small Mammals
    • Answer: C. Bamboo
  6. Who emphasized the importance of the red panda sighting in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary?
    • A. Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister
    • B. Range Forest Officer Yachang Kani
    • C. Director of Wildlife Institute of India
    • D. A local conservationist
    • Answer: B. Range Forest Officer Yachang Kani
  7. What did the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh urge people to do regarding the red panda?
    • A. Capture more photos
    • B. Donate to wildlife funds
    • C. Conserve it for a sustainable future
    • D. Increase tourism to the sanctuary
    • Answer: C. Conserve it for a sustainable future