Renowned Karnataka Sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s Krishna Shila Stone Carving Adorns Ram Temple in Ayodhya

Renowned Karnataka Sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s Krishna Shila Stone Carving Adorns Ram Temple in Ayodhya

The Ram Lalla idol, crafted by the renowned sculptor Arun Yogiraj from Karnataka, was recently installed at the Ram temple in Ayodhya during a consecration ceremony held on Monday.

Description of the New Idol

The newly consecrated idol is made of stone, weighing between 150-200 kgs. It portrays the deity as a five-year-old boy in a standing posture and was placed at its designated position in the ‘garbh griha’ on Wednesday.

Sculptors and Craftsmanship

Arun Yogiraj, along with two other skilled artisans, Ganesh Bhatt from Bengaluru and Satya Narayan Pandey from Rajasthan, were entrusted with crafting statues depicting the child form of Lord Ram.

Idol Selection Process

Champat Rai, the general secretary of the Ram Temple trust, mentioned that the idol sculpted by Yogiraj was chosen from among three options.

Material Used – Krishna Shila Stone

Yogiraj used Krishna Shila stone from Bujjegoudanapura village in HD Kote taluk of Mysuru district in Karnataka to sculpt the 51-inch idol.

Unique Properties of Krishna Shila Stone

Krishna Shila stone, known for its softness and identical color to Lord Krishna, is abundantly available in HD Kote. The stone, initially soft, hardens over 2-3 years.

Stone Carving Process

The stone is marked as per the design and shaped using chisels to create intricate patterns. The soft nature of Krishna Shila allows for detailed carving using various tools.

Historical Significance

The tradition of Krishna Shila Stone carving in Mysore dates back centuries, patronized by royal kingdoms. Arun Yogiraj comes from a lineage of five generations in stone carving.

Artisan’s Background

Arun Yogiraj’s grandfather, Basavanna Shilpi, was patronized by the King of Mysore. Mysore, with abundant stone deposits, has been a center for Krishna Shila Stone carving.

Utilization of Carved Products

The carved products are primarily used in religious temples in and around Mysore, with orders coming from various places across India.

Artisan’s Dedication

Reports suggest that Arun Yogiraj dedicated 12 hours a day for the last six to seven months in Ayodhya to complete the Ram Lalla statues.