River Runaround Ends in Fine for Tourist Who Ditched Himachal Traffic Jam

River Runaround Ends in Fine for Tourist Who Ditched Himachal Traffic Jam

A Mahindra Thar owner seeking to escape festive traffic in Himachal Pradesh opted for a unconventional detour – driving his SUV across the Chandra River. While the video of the stunt went viral, it landed the driver a hefty fine from the Kullu police.

Tourists flocking to the state for Christmas and New Year celebrations caused major traffic gridlock. Impatient to bypass the snarls, the Thar owner navigated the shallow riverbed, seemingly unscathed. However, locals and authorities weren’t amused.

“The driver has been fined under the Motor Vehicles Act for endangering lives and potentially harming the river ecosystem,” explained Mayank Chaudhry, Superintendent of Police. To prevent similar incidents, additional personnel have been deployed at the crossing.

This episode highlights the dangers of reckless behavior during peak tourist season. Traffic jams may be frustrating, but shortcuts like river crossings pose serious risks. Responsible tourism and adherence to traffic rules remain paramount for a safe and enjoyable experience in Himachal Pradesh.

Additionally, drone surveillance revealed severe congestion on roads connecting popular tourist destinations. Other traffic violations, like a driver precariously hanging from his open car door, have also surfaced. Police have responded sternly, issuing fines to discourage such dangerous behavior.

Remember, respecting local regulations and prioritizing safety are key to ensuring a happy and hassle-free holiday in Himachal Pradesh.