Spain Denies Port Access to Israel-Bound Arms Ship Marianne Danica

Spain Denies Port Access to Israel-Bound Arms Ship Marianne Danica

Spain has denied permission for an Israel-bound ship, the Marianne Danica, carrying arms to dock at the southeastern port of Cartagena. This decision was announced by Transport Minister Oscar Puente on Thursday.

Details of the Ship and Cargo

The Marianne Danica, operated by H. Folmer & Co, was transporting nearly 27 tons of explosive material from Madras, India, to Israel. The ship had requested permission to call at Cartagena on May 21.

Official Statements

The denial of authorization was issued by the Foreign Ministry. However, the ministry has not yet responded to repeated requests for comment. Similarly, H. Folmer & Co has not provided any immediate response regarding the situation.

Political Context

The refusal occurs amid tensions within Spain’s ruling coalition, consisting of the Socialists and their hard-left partners, concerning the transit of arms shipments to Israeli ports.

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Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Which ship was denied permission to dock at the port of Cartagena?
    • a) Marianne Danica
    • b) Danica Maritime
    • c) H. Folmer & Co
    • d) El Pais
    Answer: a) Marianne Danica
  2. Who is the operator of the Marianne Danica?
    • a) Danica Maritime
    • b) Oscar Puente
    • c) H. Folmer & Co
    • d) Reuters Econ World
    Answer: c) H. Folmer & Co
  3. How much explosive material was the Marianne Danica carrying?
    • a) 15 tons
    • b) 27 tons
    • c) 35 tons
    • d) 50 tons
    Answer: b) 27 tons
  4. From which city in India was the Marianne Danica transporting explosive material?
    • a) Mumbai
    • b) Delhi
    • c) Madras
    • d) Kolkata
    Answer: c) Madras
  5. Which ministry denied the authorization for the Marianne Danica to dock at Cartagena?
    • a) Transport Ministry
    • b) Defense Ministry
    • c) Interior Ministry
    • d) Foreign Ministry
    Answer: d) Foreign Ministry
  6. On what date did the Marianne Danica request permission to call at Cartagena?
    • a) May 15
    • b) May 16
    • c) May 20
    • d) May 21
    Answer: d) May 21
  7. What issue has caused a spat between Spain’s ruling Socialists and their partners?
    • a) Economic policy
    • b) Environmental regulations
    • c) Transit of vessels carrying arms to Israeli ports
    • d) Healthcare reforms
    Answer: c) Transit of vessels carrying arms to Israeli ports