Sultan Kosen: The Tallest Man in the World’s Unique Journey

Sultan Kosen: The Tallest Man in the World's Unique Journey
Sultan Kosen: The Tallest Man in the World's Unique Journey

Sultan Kosen, renowned as the tallest man in the world, stands at an astounding height of 251 cm (8 ft. 2.82 in). His remarkable stature is the result of a rare medical condition known as gigantism and acromegaly, both caused by a tumor affecting his pituitary gland. In this article, we take a captivating journey through Sultan Kosen’s exceptional life, exploring his unique experiences, the challenges he’s overcome, and his noteworthy accomplishments.

Birth Date: December 10, 1982

Birth Place: Village of Alibey in Mardin Province, Turkey

Growing up in a quaint Turkish village, Sultan Kosen faced extraordinary challenges due to his towering height. His exceptional stature made conventional education impossible, leading him to work part-time as a farmer. While Kosen appreciated the advantages of his height, such as an enhanced ability to see great distances and assist with domestic tasks, he also encountered numerous disadvantages, from the struggle to find appropriately sized clothing and footwear to fitting into an average-sized car.

Sultan Kosen’s life took a positive turn when he received medical treatment for his pituitary tumor. Starting in 2010, he underwent Gamma knife treatment at the University of Virginia Medical School and received medication to control the excessive growth hormone levels. By March 2012, it was confirmed that the treatment had successfully halted Kosen’s continuous growth, significantly improving his quality of life.

In October 2013, Sultan Kosen made headlines by marrying Merve Dibo, a Syrian woman ten years his junior. Their union faced communication challenges, as Kosen spoke Turkish while his wife spoke Arabic. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2021, citing the language barrier as a primary issue. Nonetheless, Kosen remains hopeful about finding love again in the future.

On November 13, 2014, as part of Guinness World Records Day, Sultan Kosen had a remarkable encounter with Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the world’s shortest man ever, standing at only 54.6 cm (1 ft. 9+1/2 in). The stark contrast in their heights, a staggering difference of 196.4 cm (6 ft. 5.32 in), highlighted the incredible diversity of the human experience.

Sultan Kosen’s extraordinary height has taken him to various parts of the world. In 2014, he joined the Magic Circus of Samoa and participated in shows across the globe, captivating audiences with his remarkable stature and inspiring story.

As Sultan Kosen celebrated his 40th birthday on December 10, 2022, he visited the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando, Florida, where he posed next to a life-sized statue of Robert Wadlow, the tallest man ever recorded at an astonishing height of 272 cm (8 ft. 11.1 in). This poignant moment serves as a testament to the enduring fascination with individuals of exceptional height.

Sultan Kosen’s remarkable height has earned him several Guinness World Records, including titles for the tallest living male and the largest hands, measuring 27.5 cm (10+7/8 in). He also holds the second-largest feet record, with his left foot measuring 36.5 cm (14+3/8 in) and his right foot measuring 35.5 cm (14 in).