Telangana Battling Widespread Forest Fires: Causes, Challenges, and Response

Telangana Battling Widespread Forest Fires: Causes, Challenges, and Response

Telangana is currently facing forest fires in the Tadvai region of Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary in Mulugu and Amrabad Tiger Reserve. These fires have been raging for the past five days, posing a serious threat to wildlife and surrounding areas.

Extent of Fires

Telangana’s principal chief conservator of forests, R M Dobriyal, mentioned that the state witnesses an average of 100-120 fire spots on any given day. The fire season typically spans from March to June.

Response Mechanisms

Real-time alerts from the Forest Survey of India, based on ground heat mapping, are utilized to detect fires. Dobriyal stated that teams are dispatched promptly to address these incidents. However, challenging terrain often causes delays in reaching affected areas.

Causes of Fires

Several factors contribute to forest fires in the region. Activities such as cooking during fishing trips, collection of mahua flowers by local tribes, and beedi leaf contractors paying workers to set fires are cited as common causes.

Challenges and Solutions

Limited resources pose challenges in managing and controlling forest fires. Authorities have requested the government to include forest fire control in disaster management protocols.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):

  1. What region in Telangana is currently experiencing forest fires?
    • A) Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
    • B) Nagarjuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
    • C) Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary
    • D) Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Answer: A) Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. During which months does the fire season typically occur in Telangana?
    • A) November to February
    • B) March to June
    • C) July to October
    • D) December to March
    • Answer: B) March to June
  3. What is used to detect forest fires in Telangana?
    • A) Satellite imagery
    • B) Ground heat mapping
    • C) Aerial surveillance
    • D) Weather forecasts
    • Answer: B) Ground heat mapping
  4. Which of the following activities is mentioned as a common cause of forest fires in the region?
    • A) Hiking
    • B) Birdwatching
    • C) Cooking during fishing trips
    • D) Planting trees
    • Answer: C) Cooking during fishing trips
  5. What has the government been requested to include in disaster management protocols?
    • A) Flood control measures
    • B) Earthquake preparedness
    • C) Forest fire control
    • D) Epidemic management
    • Answer: C) Forest fire control