Tragic Boating Accident Strikes Family Outing on Narmada River

Tragic Boating Accident Strikes Family Outing on Narmada River

A leisurely family outing turns tragic as a boat capsizes in the Narmada river near Bharuch, Gujarat.

Initial Excursion:

  • Participants: Three adults and four children.
  • Activity: Picnic excursion on a sunny Sunday morning.
  • Scenery: Joyfully navigating the river in a small boat.

Tragic Incident:

  • Cause: Encounter with rough waters leading to sudden capsize.
  • Response: Panic, screams for help.
  • Immediate Action: Nearby fishermen rush to scene, authorities alerted.

Rescue Efforts:

  • Initiation: Swiftly initiated rescue operations.
  • Resources: Teams of divers and rescue boats deployed.
  • Challenge: Fast-flowing currents of the Narmada river hindered efforts.


  • Survivors: None found at the time of reporting.
  • Concerns: Fear of tragic loss of life.
  • Commitment: Rescue operations ongoing until all efforts exhausted.

Community Response:

  • Assurance: Local authorities pledge continuous rescue efforts.
  • Emotional Atmosphere: Sorrow and disbelief among the community.
  • Impact: Once-tranquil banks of the Narmada river now shrouded in grief.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. What was the cause of the tragic event?
    • A) Encounter with wildlife
    • B) Rough waters causing sudden capsize
    • C) Mechanical failure of the boat
    • D) Adverse weather conditions
    • Answer: B) Rough waters causing sudden capsize
  2. How many individuals were initially part of the family outing?
    • A) 5
    • B) 6
    • C) 7
    • D) 8
    • Answer: C) 7
  3. What hindered the rescue efforts in the Narmada river?
    • A) Lack of manpower
    • B) Slow response from authorities
    • C) Fast-flowing currents
    • D) Inclement weather
    • Answer: C) Fast-flowing currents
  4. What was the emotional atmosphere described in the community?
    • A) Joy and excitement
    • B) Sorrow and disbelief
    • C) Anger and frustration
    • D) Hope and optimism
    • Answer: B) Sorrow and disbelief
  5. What assurance did local authorities provide regarding the rescue efforts?
    • A) They will discontinue efforts
    • B) Efforts will continue until exhausted
    • C) They will prioritize other emergencies
    • D) They will wait for a predetermined time
    • Answer: B) Efforts will continue until exhausted